Yoko Ono sued

Yoko Ono has been sued by a New York designer, who alleges that the 80-year-old artist copied her work for a new fashion range supposedly inspired by John Lennon.

Haleh Nematzadeh claims that the "1969-2012" menswear series features motifs from her own designs, which she had submitted to a retailer now selling Ms Ono's clothes.

Ms Ono has said that the range – which features $335 trousers (£220) and $200 jock straps – was influenced by a set of drawings that she gave Lennon as a present when they married in 1969.

"He was a very forward-thinking person, and also he had a really beautiful body," she told an interviewer late last year. "And I was actually inspired by that".

However, like several garments designed by Ms Nematzadeh, a 36-year-old Iranian-American, Ms Ono's high-priced line contains items featuring distinctive hand-prints on the chest and crotch areas.

"Standing up for truth is scary, but I wouldn't live any other way," Ms Nematzadeh, who is based in Brooklyn, said on Twitter.

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Judul: Yoko Ono sued
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Yoko Ono sued