Millions of red crabs

Millions of red crabs
Millions of red crabs swarm Christmas Island every year, and this year is claimed to be one of the top ten "most spectacular migrations."

Spectators who come and see Christmas Island in Australia in the months from November to January may have the opportunity to see the red crab migration......enstarz.

With the weather being contingent upon migration, the crabs only move when it is raining. Those visitors can pay up to $1500 just to watch the crabs in action. CNN reported that the phases of the crabs' breeding migration involved a enormous amount of crabs and usually occur over the island. If it rains, there are different groups of that travel if they do not join in the first migration.

The crabs climb up and down cliffs, move through homes and travel over other challenges to get to their destination. Eventually the crabs return to the island's central plateau along with their offspring.

The male crab usually begins the migration cycle. According to reports, they are the first to arrive at sea although they are quickly outnumbered by female crabs. The crabs will only begin their trip if there is enough time to complete their downward migration, mate, and produce eggs before the next spawning date, according to the Australian government.

The female crabs usually stay behind to produce eggs after mating with the male crabs. Male crabs will take 1 to 2 days to travel to sea. When the female crabs arrive, it takes them  about 5 to 6 nights for them to release their eggs into the sea. The eggs hatch immediately after making contact with the sea water, and clouds of young larvae take shape in the surf before the tiny infant crabs emerge to follow their parents back to the forest.

The number of crabs that have annually stormed onto Christmas Island has hit the millions and the migration lasts up to 18 days, according to CNN. The crabs end up in high rain forest plateau areas and to the Indian Ocean beaches where they mate in burrows. Tolong Share ya ^^
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Millions of red crabs