$120 egg sandwich at 4Fourteen

$120 egg sandwich
$120 egg sandwich
$120 egg sandwich, IT'S the egg and bacon roll that's so extravagant even its creator isn't sure she'd eat it.

And at $120 a pop, every bite is expected to tantalise your tastebuds. The extreme breakfast roll will be on offer for one week at Surry Hills restaurant 4Fourteen as part of Bacon Week, which aims to promote quality Australian pork.
Filled with award-winning bacon from Slade Point Meat Specialists in Mackay, Queensland, a pan-fried duck egg, semi-dried and smoked gourmet truss tomatoes, duck foie gras, caviar, creme fraiche, shaved truffles and English cheddar, squeezed between a handmade brioche bun and served with a side of chips and shaved truffle aioli, it's probably not a burger recommended by cardiologists.
But 4Fourteen head chef Carla Jones believes a few punters will order it.
"It's not something I ever thought I'd be doing but it will be interesting to see how many we'll sell," she said. "I reckon some people will buy it just to see what it's like. I'm not sure I'd eat it - I'm not that into truffles and stuff like that."

The burger is one of a number of dishes being prepared by chefs around Sydney for Bacon Week.
"About two-thirds of bacon sales made in Australia are from pork that's imported and the average consumer doesn't know that's going on," Australian Pork CEO Andrew Spencer said.

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$120 egg sandwich at 4Fourteen