China knife attack

China knife attack, Authorities said 36 people died in China after a knife attack at a police station.

The deadly assault occurred in the Western Chinese province of Xinjiang on Wednesday. According to police, a group of attackers armed with knives invaded the station in Turpan Prefecture. reports that nine police officers and 17 civilians were killed during the knife attack in China. Authorities also said the violene ended after the 10 assailants were shot.

Although officials described the attack as “rioting,” details about the incident are actually few and far between. It’s also unclear if the incident on Monday is connected to a similar attack in the city of Kashgar last April.

According to NBC News, three of the attackers were reportedly arrested following the incident. However, these reports are unconfirmed as of this writing. The website states that getting concrete information about the attack out the country is currently next to impossible.

A spokeswoman at the Xinjiang Public Security Bureau claimed to have no information about the knife attack in China. The rep said she had only heard about the situation through news reported on the internet.

Despite the overall lack of information coming out of China, a spokesperson for the World Uyghur Congress said the attacks were prompted by the government’s “sustained repression and provocation” of the Uighur community.

The Associated Press reports many Uighurs feel they are discriminated against in China. Obtaining jobs, loans, and passports is extremely difficult, and there are several restrictions imposed on their religious and cultural beliefs. Activist Dilxat Raxit believes this may have prompted the knife attack.

While the Uighur community feels they are being discriminated against, the Chinese government insists that all ethnic groups are treated fairly. The US issued a statement regarding the treatment of Uighurs and asked officials to properly investigate the recent outburst of violence.

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China knife attack