Tollway scofflaws list

Tollway scofflaws list, The Illinois Tollway on Wednesday started a somewhat unusual practice: naming and shaming "super" scofflaws who owe at least $1,000 worth of unpaid tolls on its website.
The agency's "Super Scofflaws" list [PDF] went live Wednesday and features mainly trucking and cabbing companies. The top scofflaw, as of Wednesday, is Landa Transport, which allegedly owes the agency $214,859.10 in unpaid tolls and, in all, they owe $3.7 million.
In a statement, Tollway board chair Paula Wolff thanked Gov. Pat Quinn and the Illinois state legislature for approving a law allowing them to shame scofflaws in an attempt to rake in the money needed for maintenance and operations.
"Tolls are a significant source of revenue for maintaining and improving our region’s transportation system, and our Board understands that every dollar counts," Wolff said.
According to the Associated Press, though the list currently only comprises companies, individual drivers are not off the hook -- they too could be listed in future editions of the virtual "wall of shame."
Similar agencies in Texas and on the East Coast also use shaming strategies in an attempt to encourage deadbeat drivers to pay up, the Chicago Tribune reports.

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Tollway scofflaws list