AP football poll: Alabama Stays no.1

AP football poll , With most of the top teams merely tuning up, there is little movement in The Associated Press college football poll this week. Alabama remains No. 1 and the first 14 teams in the rankings held their positions from last week.
The Crimson Tide did lose some support from the media panel, dropping from 59 first-place votes last week to 56. Alabama beat Colorado State 31-6 on Saturday in a game that was 17-6 heading into the fourth quarter.
No. 2 Oregon, which didn't play, receives the remaining four first-place votes.
No. 4 Ohio State was one of four ranked teams to score at least 70 points Saturday. Never before had more than two ranked teams reached 70 points on the same weekend since the rankings went to top 25 in 1989.
No. 25 Fresno State is the only team to enter the rankings. Arizona State drops out.

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AP football poll: Alabama Stays no.1