11-year-old boy, Bailey O’Neill in coma after Bullied

Bullied 11-year-old in coma

An 11-year-old boy is in a coma after a bully attack. The 6th grade student from Darby Township, Pennsylvania suffered a concussion and is now in a coma as a result of being beaten by a classmate.
Bailey O’Neill was reportedly being bullied by two other young boys, one of whom eventually beat him in the face until his nose was fractured. Bailey was taken to Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children for treatment. Bailey’s condition continued to decline as his parents noticed that he displayed unusual behavior and was not interested in eating.
As reported by ABC 6, Bailey’s doctors made the decision to put Bailey into a medically induced coma when he began having “violent seizures.”
The Southeast Delco School District reportedly suspended one of the bullies for two days. Superintendent Stephen Butz issued a statement concerning the boy that physically assaulted Bailey:
“We have requested that the local police assist us in the investigation of this incident and are fully cooperating with their investigation of this incident. We are very concerned about the medical condition of this student. And our thoughts and prayers are with him. Due to the age of the students involved and the ongoing police investigation, I am unable to make any additional comments.”
Bailey’s father, Rob O’Neill has experienced the pain of seeing his child in a coma cause by a bully attack and cautions other parents to look for warning signs. He urges parents to “keep an eye out” and to understand that some children might be reluctant to discuss the issue.
Bullying has become an epidemic in the US. As reported by San Ramon Express, according to national statistics, 3 million students miss school every year due to bullying.

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  1. It also up to the teachers who are in the classroom and in the schools with these students up to six hours a day to monitor the behavior of overly aggressive students and to call out students that appear to be bullying other students. I went through this when my son was in high school and not one teacher, dean, coach, principle saw anything, my son was almost murdered.

  2. Suspension for two days. Seriously... ? A real shame the school and authorities feel that is sufficient punishment.

  3. My precious grandson is in 6th grade, middle school in CA. They left for 6th grade camp last Monday. There was a dark cloud hanging over because another kid, on Friday, sent out on email a list of students & taachers he was going to shoot at camp. They brought my grandson in to talk to the police. They said they don't think he had anything to do with it. Just a friend of the boy that sent the emails. They wouldn't tell us anything. So we are wondering: Was Brandon's name on the list? Do you let him go to camp (1 whole week!)? I am very scared for him. What would you do?

  4. 2 day suspension? He should be expelled


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11-year-old boy, Bailey O’Neill in coma after Bullied