Strippers Unemployment ?

Strippers Unemployment?

Strippers Unemployment?

Who knew stripping had such large benefits? As in, stripper unemployment? The Kansas Supreme Court ruled that out-of-work strippers can reap unemployment benefits, probably in the form of a check and not a bunch of singles.

The ruling stems from a 2005 lawsuit, a Topeka. Stripper filed unemployment claim after losing her job She claimed that she was guilty of benefits, while the club claimed they were merely her rent a place to, uh, do their thing.

Her case was from the Kansas Department of Labor, which means that support the rules that govern strip clubs strippers employees instead of making independent contractors claimed.

"The court relied almost exclusively on the fact that we had some house rules that were requested by the dancers. They were designed to keep everything legal," said a lawyer for the dancer. "And the court was based on that fact alone to say, we were in control of them and that they employee."

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Judul: Strippers Unemployment ?
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Strippers Unemployment ?