Brad Lesley dies

Brad Lesley dies, Brad Jay Lesley died over the weekend from kidney failure after being rushed to a Marina Del Rey, California, hospital, his ex-wife, Chiho Svimonoff, told TMZ. He was rushed to the hospital on Saturday and ultimately didn't make it.

Lesley was perhaps best known for playing John "Blackout" Gatling in the 1994 family comedy "Little Big League." But those who followed him first as a major league player might argue that point. Then nicknamed "The Animal" for his aggressive, theatrical self-motivation tactics, Lesley played for the Cincinnati Reds and Milwaukee Brewers from 1982 to 1985.

Lesley's other film credits include "Brother" (2000, as Moose), "Big Monster on Campus" (2000, as Arnie), "Buddy" (1997, as Ali Baba), "A Boy Called Hate" (1996, as the Moving Truck Driver), and Mr. Baseball (1992, as Niven). He also appeared briefly as himself in 1996's "Space Jam." Michael Jordan is said to have asked him personally to do the cameo.

Lesley also became a star in Japan, playing pro baseball there and also appeared on the gameshow "Takeshi's Castle." Lesley was fluent in Japanese, according to his profile.
Lesley had been enduring kidney problems for the past seven months and was living in a nursing home, where he was receiving dialysis, Svimonoff further told TMZ.


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Brad Lesley dies