Porsha Stewart divorce

Porsha Stewart divorce, In her breakout first season starring on “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” Porsha Stewart often turned to Twitter to dispel rumors and set the record straight.
It’s also, we now know, how the newlywed and newly-minted reality TV star found out her husband of two years, ex-NFL star Kordell Stewart, was filing for divorce.

“I literally was lying in bed and I looked at Twitter and it was going crazy,” Porsha Stewart told ABC News.  “I saw on Twitter that my husband has filed for divorce.”
At first Stewart thought it was just a malicious rumor.  Her husband was just down the hall in their Atlanta mansion.
“It wasn’t a confrontation,” she said.  “It was me just simply asking my husband, ‘Had you filed?,’ which seemed crazy coming out of my mouth.”
“He said he thought about it and we’ll talk about it later and he left for work,” she said.  “I had to call my attorney to find out.”
Kordell Stewart had in fact filed divorce papers, back on March 22, putting an end to the “picture perfect” life Stewart described in her “Real Housewives” show opening.
“I feel heartbroken and at times I feel ashamed,” said Stewart.  “Because I put myself out there to the world as a wife and I was proud to be married and for it to end the way it did, it’s almost like a failure in a way.”
“But I do know that God has more for me,” she said.
The Stewarts were like Atlanta royalty during their marriage. She, a budding philanthropist, is the granddaughter of Civil Rights pioneer Hosea Williams.  Kordell Stewart is the dashing former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback nicknamed “Slash.”
They were married in 2011 and made every appearance to have a strong marriage together.  As recently as the “Real Housewives” reunion that aired Sunday, taped before the divorce and not attended by Kordell, Stewart was defending her man.
“I married him.  We took an oath in front of everyone and, to me, I am going to represent that to the world, to the fullest,” she said in front of her cast mates.
The pair had come under fire on the show for their discussions about trying for children, including Stewart’s demands that his wife stay home to raise their future children.
Stewart’s cast mates had told her — both on the show and off — that Kordell Stewart was controlling.
“I personally view a marriage as an equal partnership. I think you should treat each other with respect, consider each other’s needs, and support one another’s dreams and goals and work together as a team,” co-star NeNe Leaks wrote in a blog post on Bravotv.com.  “I will never talk to Porsha about her relationship again, but if she ever wants to talk to me, I’m here!”

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Porsha Stewart divorce