Celtics trade rumors

Celtics trade rumors, In Boston Celtics trade rumors for 2013, the historic franchise is attempting to pull of a major deal which could send both coach Doc Rivers and future Hall of famer Kevin Garnett to the L.A. Clippers. The deal would supposedly bring DeAndre Jordan and Eric Bledsoe to the Celtics, if it gets done.

A report from NESN.com on June 15 indicated that Yahoo! Sports reporter Adrian Wojnarowski is saying the two teams are in "serious conversation" regarding the deal. To achieve the deal, Garnett would have to waive his no-trade clause. As for coach Rivers, he's got three years and $21 million left on his contract in Boston, but the Clippers are said to be offering around $7 million a year to the championship-winning head coach.
However, the sticking point among the rumor mill is that the Clippers don't want to give up Eric Bledsoe in the deal and Celtics GM Danny Ainge desperately wants him included. Bledsoe came into the league in the 2010 NBA draft as a pick by the Oklahoma City Thunder and ended up getting traded to the Clippers, where he had career high numbers last year of 8.5 points a game, 3 rebounds per game and 1.4 steals a game.
Kevin Garnett has been in the league since becoming the 5th overall pick back in 1995 for the Minnesota Timberwolves. His career numbers include a double-double of 19 points a game and 10 boards. Garnett arrived in Boston back in 2007-08, and the team ended up winning the championship in a 2008 NBA Finals match against the Lakers. Kevin Garnett was part of the original "Big 3" in recent times, along with longtime Celts scorer Paul Pierce and sharpshooter Ray Allen, both of whom were instrumental in the win.
As for DeAndre Jordan, he has become considered part of the "Lob City" show in Los Angeles for the Clippers along with Blake Griffin. He actually entered the league the year of the Kevin Garnett went to Boston and won the championship, becoming the 35th overall pick in that season's NBA Draft. Jordan averaged a career high 8.8 points a game in 2012-13 and had 7.2 rebounds along wit 1.4 blocks a game. So it appears the Celtics may be trying to start up the rebuilding with the young talent they have including Rajon Rondo who should come back from injury at some point.
As far as the Clippers, it's hard to say if they just want Garnett because he's on the way out and could give a veteran lift to Chris Paul and Blake Griffin, or if they are getting him knowing he could woo another star to Los Angeles to play too. Bringing along Doc Rivers is certainly a smart move and could make for one of the most interesting player/coach deals in recent history.
What do you think of the Boston Celtics and LA Clippers trade rumors? Will the deal go through and if so who gets the better end of it?

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Celtics trade rumors