Shark attacks at Surfside


A shark attack at Surfside Beach in Texas has left swimmers shocked and frightened following the incident on Monday.

Shark attacks at Surfside,  According to reports, a 15 year old was at the beach riding his boogie board when a shark attacked him on Monday afternoon. The teen was fortunately not in deep water when the attack took place, and it is said he was in water about waist deep.
However, his boogie board trip turned to tragedy when a shark bit him on his leg, shocking the boy. But the teenager reportedly fought back against the shark, and was able to push it off and get away.
The boy was rushed via helicopter to a local hospital with leg and hand injuries from the shark attack. However, according to Gregg Bisso, Surfside's assistant police chief, his injuries were not life-threatening.
Bisso said: "He had to get it off him some way and that was probably the best way to do it."
Authorities were unable to identify the shark that was involved in the attack, but it was confirmed that shark attacks at Surfside Beach are extremely rare; the last time a shark attack took place at that location was 25 years ago.
Bisso said: "The most serious injury we get down here is usually a jelly fish sting," according to CNN.
Suandra Monnat, of the Surfside Police Department and Emergency Medical Service, has issued a warning to local swimmers to be extremely vigilant when in the waters, and advised them to remain in shallow areas.
Monat added: "Try not to swim near fishermen. That's one thing because they have all their bait around them, and if you see something suspicious get out of the water."

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Shark attacks at Surfside