EagleMed crash

EagleMed crash , One person is dead and three others are injured after an EagleMed helicopter crash Tuesday evening.
This is the third EagleMed crash in the past three years.
Officials said the helicopter went down shortly after leaving the Choctaw Nation Healthcare Center just a few miles outside of Talihina on the border of Le Flore and Latimer Counties.
One patient was on board when the helicopter crashed in the hospital parking lot.
The patient died in the accident.
The nurse on board is in serious condition and the two crew members on board were treated and released at the scene.
Officials said the crash site has been secured so the NTSB can get to work as soon as possible.
The Choctaw Nation Healthcare Center is located on land under the jurisdiction of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma so the Choctaw Tribal Police Dept. is heading the investigation.
Bob Moore Chopper 4 pilot Jon Welsh said this area is a difficult place to take off and land.
He said it is because the area has a lot of very tall trees and has a very steep approach.

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EagleMed crash