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Carlos Danger name generator, By now you've likely heard of "Carlos Danger," the pseudonym used by New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner to engage in salacious online trysts. It's the funniest fake name since Mike Vick was calling himself Ron Mexico.

With the Carlos Danger jokes hot and heavy, the folks at The Slate created a wonderful Carlos Danger name generator you can use to give yourself a funny Carlos Danger-esque name. I enjoyed it — or rather, my alter ego Raphael Catastrophe did. But since baseball is always on my brain these days, I wondered what baseball players' "Carlos Danger" names would be.

There are definitely some good ones in there, but Ryan Braun's "Pablo Death" has to be a winner, as does A-Rod's fake last name being "Covert." You so smart, name generator.

"Paco Gamble" is another favorite because it sounds like an actual baseball player — more of a speedy centerfielder than Buster Posey, but hey, we don't doubt the name generator.

Go give it a whirl with some of the players we didn't try and leave your favorites in the comments.

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Carlos Danger name generator