Obamacare exemptions for Congress 'Despicable'

Obamacare exemptions, Senator Rand Paul is voicing his disgust about subsidies given to members of Congress to cover 75 percent of their healthcare plan once Obamacare kicks in.

"I find it absolutely despicable that Mr. Obama, his administration, and the elected officials who shoved this mandate down the throat of Americans are now giving themselves waivers," Paul said in a letter he wrote to the Washington Times.

"The president is also giving his friends waivers. Mr. Obama’s behavior mirrors that of a captain jumping overboard, abandoning his own sinking ship."

In his letter, the Kentucky senator called out President Barack Obama and top Democratic leaders saying, "If President Obama, Representative Nancy Pelosi, Senator John Reid and Chief Justice John Roberts love Obamacare so much, they should live under it."

Paul wants to ban all exemptions, including those given to Congress last month. In a new amendment, Paul wants to force all federal employees to purchase Obamacare the same way every other American will have to: without a government-funded subsidy.

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Judul: Obamacare exemptions for Congress 'Despicable'
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Obamacare exemptions for Congress 'Despicable'