Nigeria plane crash, 16 dead

Nigeria plane crash, Sixteen people are confirmed dead after a small passenger plane crashed shortly after takeoff from Lagos, Nigeria.

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The plane was carrying the remains of a former Nigerian governor, and two of his children, a son and daughter, are among those killed. There are four confirmed survivors.
The late Gov. Olusegun Agagu's casket was found among the wreckage of the plane. Officials said Agagu's son, Feyi Agau, was among the four survivors
The propeller-driven Embraer 120 crashed shortly after taking off from Murtala Muhammad Airport en route to Ondo state, where the governor, who died Sept. 13, was to be buried in his hometown of Iju-Odo, the Nigerian online newspaper Daily Post reported.
Residents of Ondo state had begun gathering at the airport in the capital, Akure, as early as 7 a.m. to greet the former governor's casket.
Among the Ondo residents who gathered to meet the former governor's casket at the airport were Agagu's widow, another of the couple's daughters, and a daughter-in-law.
The 30-seater plane crashed just 500 meters from the airport after apparently maneuvering to avoid residential areas.

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Nigeria plane crash, 16 dead