Donna Savattere: Dan Marino’s Baby Mom Not His Wife[VIDEO]

Once the all American kid, a steamier side is now tarnishing his reputation as the world learns of a Dan Marino love child. Donna Savattere (photos below) is the mistress who gave birth to his 7th child in 2005, a gorgeous baby daughter named Chloe who has his famous wavy hair and olive complexion. Dan’s wife is Claire Marino (picture in gallery) — the couple have been married 30 years — and he has issued statements claiming that he still has a healthy marriage with his wife.
Donna helped keep things hush hush all of these years. She was reportedly paid millions in child support with the understanding that it would not be made public. But now, others who know the story have come forward to speak with the press. Details of their relationship are sketchy at best. We do know that the baby was born in June 2005, which means there were doing it back in 2004. How long the illicit romance went on is anyone’s guess at this point, but she reportedly has photographs of her with the NFL lover boy at various places over a period of time.
Biography: Donna Savattere worked at CBS television as a production assistant in their New York offices. That makes it possible that they met while arranging an interview, or perhaps the brunette beauty met him while covering a game. She is now 42-years old, and the baby girl Chloe is seven.
Donna is now married to a lucky and very handsome man named Nahill Younis. The couple met at a New Year’s even party in the Bahamas and have been married since 2009, the relationship beginning well after she broke it off with the quarterback.
They are both from New York where they continue to reside happily as husband and wife. Donna also had a previous marriage which ended before her relationship with Dan. Give her credit for doing things in the right order. The baby has since legally taken the surname of her husband, Chloe Younis, but we have not confirmed whether or not mom goes by Donna Younis now.
We cannot find a Facebook page for Ms. Savattere. There is a Donna Savattere Twitter page recently set up here, but we cannot confirm that she sanctioned it. In fact, based on some of the disparaging tweets directed at her ex-lover there, it may very well be a practical joke which can happen commonly on Twitter when people make the news.
Dan issued a statement confirming the affair and love child: “This is a personal and private matter. I take full responsibility both personally and financially for my actions now as I did then. My wife and I have been married for almost 30 years and have six children together. And we continue to be a strong and loving family.”
We never pass judgment on the affairs of men, because they are far too common to keep us up at night. But if he really was happily married then and now, one wonders why he would stray. As for her, women often make poor decisions when they fall in love. She has clearly kept her part of the bargain all these years — keeping quiet — and she has a beautiful daughter who is the spittin’ image of a hall of fame quarterback.
Good luck to Donna Savattere and baby Chloe’s future, and especially good luck to Claire Marino who you can see in the pictures. She has been Dan Marino’s wife for 30 years. Oh the naughty things that the wives of athletes put up with in a relationship.
Marino baby's mother

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Donna Savattere: Dan Marino’s Baby Mom Not His Wife[VIDEO]