Bieber to be prosecuted, for spitting on his neighbor

Bieber to be prosecuted , Earlier in the week it emerged that a complaint has been made to police after Justin Bieber allegedly threatened to kill his neighbour and spat in his face during an altercation.

And it now it seems that the the teen pop sensation could be in more trouble than he anticipated, as the L.A. County Sheriff's Department is reportedly going to recommend that the star be prosecuted.

According to TMZ, the singer could face criminal battery charges after investigators refer the case to the District Attorney for review.

Last Tuesday Justin allegedly became aggressive towards one of his neighbours when he was asked to tone down his erratic driving because it was disturbing residents in the area.

The US gossip website reported that 47-year-old resident, who is a father-of-three, filed a complaint to the authorities.

And instead of letting it go, it seems that the Sheriff's office is looking to take the case further, as it comes off the back of a number of other reported incidents including speeding tickets, fights and reckless driving.

Law enforcement sources have told the website that no recommendation has yet been made as the investigation is ongoing, but that the young star has shown a recurring disregard for the law.

During the incident last week, it is reported that Justin's neighbour told him: You can't drive like this!' leading to Justin responding with foul language.

Apparently he said, 'Get the f**k out of here. I'm gonna f**king kill you,' at the same time projecting saliva onto his face.

The alleged confrontation took place after Justin's Ferrari had arrived at his home on a flatbed truck at around 8am in the gated community.

He claims the star was whizzing around at about 100 mph while other dwellers also support that his speed was excessive.

While sources connected to Justin's security team claim there was no physical contact between the singer and the victim, the neighbour has filed a battery report and apparently wants the teenager prosecuted without backing down.

The Los Angeles County Sheriffs visited the singer's mansion to investigate the complaint.

The argument was described as 'intense', and started as the neighbour allegedly complained that while Justin was away touring Europe there were people at the house having loud parties.
No time to rest: Justin is in the middle of his world tour at the moment, with hardly any time to stop and take a break

No time to rest: Justin is in the middle of his world tour at the moment, with hardly any time to stop and take a break

TMZ reported: 'The neighbour was furious about the noise.'

Justin has been known for his generosity towards his entourage, often lending friends his expensive cars.

Sources connected with Justin's security have claimed it was the neighbour who was the aggressor as he 'came on to Justin's property and began screaming'.

'Our sources tell us Justin told the man to get off his property but they insist Justin did not have any physical contact with the man,' TMZ reports.

'The singer went inside his house and security escorted the neighbour off the property.'

This latest alleged assault reportedly occurred on the grounds of his sprawling $6.5 million mansion which is part of one of America's most exclusive gated communities The Estates of the Oaks.

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Judul: Bieber to be prosecuted, for spitting on his neighbor
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Bieber to be prosecuted, for spitting on his neighbor