Facebook blocks mom

Facebook blocks mom, Atlanta-based TV station FOX 5 reported Friday that Facebook temporarily restricted Stacy Halstead’s access to her hospitalized son’s fan page.

Halstead told a reporter that someone apparently reported the page as offensive sometime late Thursday or early Friday. Facebook halted her access to 2-year-old Tripp’s fan page, which had at least 349,000 likes as of Friday afternoon, in response to the complaint.

Facebook since has allowed Halstead access to the fan page.

“I was floored,” she posted on it Friday afternoon. “I have never ever written anything offensive on his page.”

Halstead said Facebook’s public policy manager issued her an apology and she promised to find out who reported Tripp’s page as offensive.

The fan page, Halstead told FOX 5, is the primary means with which she updates those following Tripp’s plight.

Last week, the toddler underwent his 11th surgery since the October incident in which a large tree branch fell on his head at a Winder daycare. The surgery put a shunt back into his head to help drain fluid from his brain.

The shunt and a medicine delivery pump were removed last month. Also last month, Tripp contracted bacterial meningitis and E. coli.

On Friday, Halstead posted on Facebook that Tripp might require a 12th surgery to further work on the shunt.

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Facebook blocks mom