5 tons of Nutella stolen

5 tons of Nutella stolen, A storage trailer in Germany has been robbed, and thieves have escaped with a large quantity of Nutella chocolate and hazelnut spread.

Inquisitr informs that the value of the stolen merchandise amounts to $20,000 (€15,350). Robbers made off with over five tons (11,000 pounds) of the sweet chocolate goods.

Christian Post mentions a five and a half-ton (12,125-pound) shipment being hijacked in the town of Bad Hersfeld in the northeastern Hesse region. The festival and spa town lies in the heart of the Hersfeld-Rotenburg district, Wikipedia informs.

At this point, police have no information about the number of suspects involved in the theft or their method of transporting the goods. The investigation into the Nutella case is ongoing, reports say.

Nutella has been debuted by Italian candy making company Ferrero in 1963. They had launched a previous version under a different name as early as in 1944. They based their recipe for Nutella on that used to manufacture the original spread.

5 tons of Nutella stolen News
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5 tons of Nutella stolen