A-Rod new love

A-Rod new love, Does A-Rod have new love in his life? Superstar baseball player Alex Rodriguez is reportedly dating an young woman from Santiago in the Dominican Republic, says an April 9 story from Yahoo! Sports. According to sources, Rodriguez is said to be in a relationship with 24-year-old Rebeca Yunen Finke, an honors graduate in Business Administration from a university in Santiago.

Rodriguez himself is of Dominican descent. He was born in New York City, but moved to the Dominican Republic with his parents when he was four years old.

A-Rod has had a string of high-profile, celebrity laden relationships. He's been connected with women like Cameron Diaz, Madonna and Kate Hudson in the past, but none of those relationships have stuck. Perhaps the 37-year-old superstar will find this new relationship to be more lasting.

The New York Yankee third baseman has been recovering from surgery on his left hip. He is not expected to return to the active Yankee's roster until sometime after this year's All-Star Game.

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A-Rod new love