Stevie Nicks home sale

 Stevie Nicks home sale, Stevie Nicks' former home is up for sale. The 3,538-square-foot house, located in the Hollywood Hills, was built in the 1920s and was once the residence for silent film star Vilma Banky. The Fleetwood Mac singer originally purchased the home in the '70s and went on to record several demos in the house.

The Spanish Moorish style house boasts four bedrooms, a guest house and sunset views. But the feature that we are most intrigued by is what one source is calling a "private nude pool."
Huh. We want to know what makes it specifically a "nude pool"? Couldn't any pool potentially be a nude pool?

Whatever the case, this gorgeous home is a steal at $1.625 million, at least by Hollywood standards. Let's just hope the current owner used lots of chlorine.

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Stevie Nicks home sale