Beaver kills man in Belarus

Beaver kills man, Fisherman bitten to death by beaver after taking photo, A beaver kills man is one strange but tragic search term topping national headlines today, as USA Today reported this Thursday, April 11, 2013, that a fisherman from Belarus was killed this week by a beaver that severely bit him after the man tried to take a photograph of the animal.

Under the headline, “Beaver kills man: Man tries to take photo of animal, it kills him”, the source confirmed that the fisherman first saw the beaver while he was out fishing with friends....reported....examiner...

Yet as he moved closer to the beaver to take its photograph on Lake Shestakov, the beaver surged forward, biting him on the thigh.

The wild animal bit into an artery in the man’s leg, severing it, and the fisherman’s companions reportedly were unable to stop the blood flow, leading to his death.

While beaver kills man may seem certainly surprising, it is known that beavers have enough strength to bite through trees. Although overall beaver attacks are quite rare, rabid beavers can be dangerous when approached, noted Today. The Telegraph added that two young girls were critically injured in 2012 after being mauled by a Virginian beaver.

It was also this week that an Indonesian woman was attacked by a Komodo dragon, though she was able to fight him off, fortunately. Yet a message remains clear: wild animals are wild for a reason, so please stay safe.

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Judul: Beaver kills man in Belarus
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Beaver kills man in Belarus