3 tickets split $50M

3 tickets split $50M, Florida has its second Powerball winner in a week, but this one will split a much smaller jackpot with winners in Louisiana and Delaware.
Each will get a third of the jackpot, estimated at $50 million over 20 years, or a $31.1 million lump sum. A week ago, a ticket bought in Zephyrhills, Fla., won a $590 million annuity or an estimated $376.9 million cash.
Lottery officials in Louisiana and Florida said Saturday's winning tickets were bought in New Orleans and Tampa. Delaware's lottery website did not say where that winner was bought.
Wednesday's jackpot drops to an estimated $40 million, or $24.9 million cash.
The number of winning tickets isn't a record. Louisiana Lottery spokeswoman Kimberly Chopin said a $295 million jackpot in 2001 was split four ways.

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3 tickets split $50M