Girlfriend dumps Lochte

Girlfriend dumps Lochte, A girlfriend dumps Lochte story is trending across celebrity news headlines this evening, as Swimmers Daily reported this Tuesday, May 28, that Jamiee Hollier dumped Ryan Lochte this week — over a phone call.

Although the couple has been dating for a few years now — though their relationship was allegedly on-and-off for months — it was revealed on this weekend's episode of ""What would Ryan Lochte Do?" that the girlfriend dumps Lochte story was a real one.

British girlfriend Jamiee Hollier dumped the 28-year-old swimmer over the phone, and Ryan didn't want the tough phone call to be a public one. The Olympic athlete in fact took off his microphone and left the cameras in order to hear the difficult news of the alleged breakup.

According to Yardbarker, After finally returning and looking a bit worse for wear, Ryan Lochte confirmed that Jaimee Hollier had put an end to their four-year relationship (a long-distance one as well).

What do fellow fans of the Ryan Lochte's new show think? While fans of the Olympic swimmer may indeed be sad for the 28-year-old in this girlfriend dumps Lochte headline, are you in fact happy to see the star single again? Tolong Share ya ^^
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Girlfriend dumps Lochte