DVD pizza smell

DVD pizza smell, Pizza restaurant chains are turning up the heat when it comes to innovative marketing campaigns, with the latest pitch out of Domino’s selling DVD discs that emerge out of the player smelling like pizza.

In a marketing strategy meant to reinforce the lazy Friday night ritual of an at-home movie night and take-out pizza, Domino’s in Brazil created DVDs which release the smell of pizza with the help of thermal ink and the heat of the DVD player, reported Designtaxi.com.

Once the movie is over and the DVD ejected, the thermal ink turns what started out as a black disc into a mini pizza image, which emits the smell of melting cheese and pepperoni.

The varnish was applied to popular films such as “Argo” and “The Dark Knight Rises” and distributed at movie rental shops in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, adds Gizmodo.

It’s the latest marketing strategy to tap into the at-home entertainment crowd. Last month, Pizza Hut launched a partnership with Xbox 360 that allows gamers to simply press the pause button and order a pizza straight from their console.

After downloading the app and linking up their Xbox Live account with Pizza Hut, users can choose their pizza toppings and their nearest restaurant location without breaking the momentum of marathon gaming sessions.

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DVD pizza smell