Stray bullet kills girl in New York City

Stray bullet kills girl, A 14-year-old girl was shot and killed by an apparent stray bullet last night when a gunman opened fire on a bus in New York City.

The unidentified suspect fired 10 shots at the bus in Queens as it waited at traffic lights. One bullet hit the girl in the head and killed her.

The victim was identified as Daja Robinson who was on her way home from a sweet 16 party, according to the New York Post.

She was rushed to hospital after she was hit but died of her injuries.

It is not known if she was the gunman's target or if he opened fire on the bus random.

Customers at the nearby Onyx Bar, which the victim had just left, said: 'The cops were just questioning me to see if it was a private event, who was here, and when they left,' a woman said outside the bar.

'There was no altercation here. It’s not like anything spilled out from here.'

Paramedics rushed the teen to Jamaica Hospital, but doctors were unable to save her.

Police have made no arrests and they said their investigation is ongoing.

A source told the New york Post that  the gunman targeted a small group of girls who were boarding the bus after leaving a Sweet 16 party at the nearby Onyx Lounge.

It was unknown what the motive was or whether Robinson was the intended victim.

Neighborhood resident Keisha Johnson, 21, said: 'It sounded like Iraq out here.'

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Judul: Stray bullet kills girl in New York City
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Stray bullet kills girl in New York City