Neha, 13-year-old 162 IQ

13-year-old 162 IQ,  A teenager from south-west London scored so high in a Mensa IQ test for people under the age of 18 that she has been identified as one of the UK's brightest people.

Any score of above 140 is considered to be that of a genius and 13-year-old Neha Ramu from Surbiton scored 162 IQ, which is the highest mark possible, making her smarter than Stephen Hawking.

Whilst Stephen Hawking refuses to reveal his IQ, it is estimated to be 160.

The bright youngster moved from Bangalore in India aged seven and while she thinks that the Indian education system gave her a good head start, she loves her school life in the UK.

Her parents only recently discovered the true extent 1of her intelligence after the schoolgirl was awarded the top marks possible in her entrance exams.

Speaking about her intelligence, Neha told the BBC: 'When I found out I got such a high score it was so amazing and unexpected.

'Stephen Hawking, Albert Einstein, they've achieved so much. It's not right to compare me to them just because of my IQ.

'If I don't put in my effort and make use of my IQ then there's no point in having it.'

Whilst she favours activities such as chess and reading, her mother explained that she still makes time for normal activities such as TV, swimming and playtime with her friends.

The youngster now has high hopes of studying neurology at the prestigious Harvard University.

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Judul: Neha, 13-year-old 162 IQ
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Neha, 13-year-old 162 IQ