George W. Bush fame

George W. Bush fame, George W. Bush says his eight years in office were "awesome," but the 43rd president no longer has a desire for the public eye.
"Look, eight years was awesome," Bush said in a recent interview with the Hoover Institution uploaded to YouTube on Tuesday. "You know, I was famous and I was powerful, but I have no desire for fame and power anymore."
"I have found that life after the presidency is awesome," Bush said during the hourlong sit-down.
Bush refused to bad-mouth President Barack Obama, saying he did not want to "undermine" his successor. "I think it's bad for the presidency itself," he said.
Near the tail end of the interview—taped near the George W. Bush Presidential Center in Dallas, slated to open to the public in 2013—Bush was asked why he chose to vacation in Crawford, Texas, rather than Maine like his father.
"My dad bequeathed me three great gifts," Bush said. "An awesome name, an unconditional love and being raised in West Texas."

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George W. Bush fame