Kobe Bryant ‘medical mamba’ shoes

Kobe Bryant ‘medical mamba’, It's a long road ahead for Kobe Bryant as he recovers from surgery on his injured Achilles, but he seems happy with the progress he's made thus far. Keeping his fans updated via Twitter, Bryant announced that his protective boot came off on Thursday and then later tweeted a photo of himself walking with the assistance of a special machine, and of course, special Nike shoes! He said "walking in my 'medical mamba' shoes made by Nike in 2 weeks with extra support for the Achilles." No word on if those shoes will be mass-produced for all those Kobe fans out there with similar injuries, but as long as they help the Black Mamba get back on the court, his fans should be happy!

In game five of the NBA's Eastern Conference finals, the Indiana Pacers were once again giving the Miami Heat problems. With his team trailing by four points at halftime, league MVP LeBron James took the game into his own hands and scored 16 points as part of a 30-13 third quarter edge for the Heat. He finished with a game-high 30 points and Miami took a 3-2 series lead after beating Indiana 90-79.

In Dwyane Wade fashion news, he recently posted a photo of himself and his six-year-old son on Instagram wearing the exact same outfit! Rocking black leather jackets, white t-shirts, jeans and black army-style boots, Wade captioned the photo by saying "happy sixth birthday to my mini-me." But perhaps the best gift he gave his son was not making him wear the now infamous Capri pants Wade sported before a game back on May 13th!

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Kobe Bryant ‘medical mamba’ shoes