Beer can DNA Samples Help Police Identify Burglary Suspect

Beer can DNA, Authorities were able to catch a burglary suspect because he left his DNA at the scene, in a rather hilarious error in any villain's book.

According to the The Post-Standard of Syracuse, 29-year-old Moses Wilson drank beer at the scene and never cleaned up after himself.

He left the police clues on his identity in the form of two beer cans. He will be charged for a robbery at a house in Syracuse.

The theft occurred in Syracuse in February of last year, and the suspect left the evidence behind.

Sources at the Onondaga County District's Attorney Office mention that Wilson broke in the house to steal its copper piping.

The home was not inhabited, it was rented for vacations during tourist seasons. The owners unwittingly left a trap for a potential intruder.

They left the beer in opened cans in the basement. As Wilson was after the piping, he came across the beer and decided that he had a little time to drink it.

The home on South Midler Avenue was only vacant on February 2 and February 3, so the intruder must have had previous information about whether it was inhabited or not.

He got away with the pipes and the owners reported the theft soon after. DNA traces were collected at the scene, and police mentioned that it all belonged to one person.

They have matched Wilson's DNA with the one recovered at the home and they believe that he has worked alone.

Wilson was arraigned on Tuesday, June 4. He has been charged with burglary and petit larceny, Assistant District Attorney Michael Kasmarek explains.

He was booked into Onondaga County Justice Center, where he is incarcerated and can be released against $10,000 (€7,650) cash or bond.

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Judul: Beer can DNA Samples Help Police Identify Burglary Suspect
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Beer can DNA Samples Help Police Identify Burglary Suspect