Kids alcohol mimosas

Kids alcohol mimosas, One restaurant is feeling the squeeze after allegedly serving young children mimosas instead of orange juice.
Jeremy and Dawn DeRoo claim their three young daughters appeared drunk after drinking orange juice served to them at a brunch at Bazil Restaurant in Rochester, N.Y., ABC 13 reports. It wasn't until the parents heard other customers complain that the orange juice tasted like it had champagne in it that they had the taken drinks away, but by then it was too late.
Deroo says the alcohol made the kids sleep all afternoon and just "didn't want to do anything that they normally would do."
The restaurant's owner, Danny Daniele, told the station he was at the same brunch with his own children, but restaurant staff did not alert him to the incident. His kids displayed none of the same effects after drinking the same juice, he said, but he apologized to the Deroos and offered them a refund.
An email to Daniele seeking further comment wasn't returned.
Young children are served alcohol at restaurants disturbingly often. Chain restaurants seem to be particualaly susceptible to the error. Children as young as four have allegedly been served alcohol by mistake at Olive Garden, Applebee's and Chili's since 2011.

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Kids alcohol mimosas