Happy prostitute ads

Happy prostitute ads, So-called "Happy Prostitute Ads" have been dropped by the Brazilian Health Ministry amid backlash and criticism for glamorizing prostitution.
The online campaign in question was called "I'm happy being a prostitute." Other slogans in the campaign said, "I cannot be seen without a condom, my love."
The ad, which was originally created to promote safe sex and educate the public about sexually transmitted diseases, has been pulled due to sending out misleading messages.
"The role of the ministry is to have specific content to encourage prevention among sex workers," said Alexander Padilha, the head of the Health Ministry.
Padilha issued a statement after the ad was pulled, claiming that he did not think that the "Happy Prostitute" image was something the Ministry of Health should be promoting.
He said: "I do not think this is a message the ministry should be sending. For as long as I remain in office and add like that will not be part of our campaigns."
Prostitution is legal in Brazil and many young men and women enter the industry due to extreme poverty.
The goal of the "Happy Prostitute" was to reduce prejudice against prostitution, according to the BBC.
Prostitution is expected to increase in Brazil as the country prepares for the FIFA World Cup in 2014 and the Olympics in 2016. There are reports that prostitutes are lining up for free English classes so that they will be able to communicate with their future clients, with an influx of English speaking tourists expected.

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Happy prostitute ads