Starbucks smoking ban

Starbucks smoking, Starbucks has banned smoking within 25ft of its stores across the US and Canada.
The rule came into force on Saturday at 7,000 cafes owned and operated by the coffee chain.
Starbucks spokeswoman Jaime Lynn Riley said the aim was to expand the indoor no-smoking policy to the outdoor seating areas.
"If there were any concerns, we would hope to resolve it amicably," she said referring to a customer who might be smoking within the restricted area.
Many states and local jurisdictions already ban smoking in public areas.
Executive director of American Nonsmokers' Rights Cynthia Hallett told that Starbucks will be the first major retail chain to enforce a policy for an issue that has typically been left up to the state.
"Starbucks is the first chain to go smoke-free on its patios," she said
Customers will still be able to smoke within 25ft of the coffee shop in those states where it is legal to smoke on the streets.
But in those states where there are no current laws that prevent smoking outside, Starbucks’ policy will go into effect.
Some customers have hit back at the new policy and took to social media vowing to stop buying Starbucks.
"I am now boycotting Starbucks!!! They have banned smoking within 25ft of their entrance!!" wrote one Twitter user.

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Starbucks smoking ban