Fornasetti Profumi Grande

Fornasetti Profumi Grande, The Fornasetti Atelier in Milan is an outpost of careful and accomplished craft production. Here skilled craftsmen and women use the same rigorous hand crafted techniques that were deployed in the very first Fornasetti designs. Colour is applied by hand and the original paper patterns are still meticulously followed. Maintaining the quality of this craftsmanship is an important aspect of the Fornasetti legacy.

The core collection of Fornasetti Profumi per La Casa, celebrates the Fornasetti ceramic heritage in combination with both well-known and less familiar decorative images......luckyscent.

The collection encompasses various home scenting devices from candles to incense. Fornasetti Profumi per La Casa is a constantly evolving range of decorative objects and limited editions and scents.

Otto fragrance What, if anything, could embody the essence of Fornasetti? To help realise this dream, whilst extending the Fornasetti legacy into the new arena Barnaba called upon the artistry of world-renowned master-perfumer Olivier Polge.

Olivier is one of the leading stars of International Flavours and Fragrances (IFF) and creator of classic new fragrances such as Flower Bomb by Victor & Rolf, Dior Homme, Balenciaga Paris and many others. Numerous meetings were conducted, visits paid, archives consulted to determine what individual scents should come together.

The resulting scent Otto, is a sophisticated and unique scent that transcends time, season, gender and borders. Olivier made use of ingredients that are of personal significance to Barnaba -- Mediterranean herbs that were found in and around the family home, woods often utilised in interiors designs or pieces of furniture created by Fornasetti. Other more ethereal ingredients, such as incense-- conjure a latent spirituality or sense of dreamscape that is often present in Fornasetti graphic poetry.

Flora A new scent: Flora di Fornasetti, is a beautiful and elegant white floral bouquet that makes its Fornasetti Profumi debut in the form of a Scented Candle. The scent is inspired partly by the lush flora that fills the gardens that envelope the Fornasetti house in Milan.

The image that adorns this first candle is the haunting face of operatic muse Lina Cavalieri in the guise of the mythical fertility goddess Flora; one of the most iconic designs from the 'Tema e Variazioni' collection. Flora is a voluptuous melange of floral, green and woody notes including ivy, lily of the valley, iris, jasmine, tuberose, sandalwood and musk. Flora di Fornasetti was created by perfumer Emmanuel Philip, the name behind many of the iconic scents created for French candle maker Cire Trudon. Tolong Share ya ^^
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Fornasetti Profumi Grande