Five crashes in 12 hours

Five crashes in 12 hours, A TERRIFIED family suffered five car crashes outside their house in 12 hours. Dad Steve Cobbin reckons he is on Britain’s deadliest bend with 15 smashes in 15 years.

In the latest slew of accidents a young female driver wrote off his neighbour’s car, dropped four feet into his garden and smashed into the front door on Sunday evening.

She was taken to hospital after firefighters cut her free. Minutes earlier a woman lost control of her car at the same spot on the A371 near Evercreech, Somerset.

Incredibly, the next morning there were three more crashes.

Teacher Steve, 53, said: “In the past few years we’ve had four cars in our garden, a bus on our wall and a lorry dropped its load of beer. We don’t go in the garden.”

Somerset County Council said: “On inspection today no defects or unusual road conditions were found.”

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Five crashes in 12 hours