Helicopter prison escape foiled

Helicopter prison escape foiled--Four inmates at a Greek prison have attempted to escape--through a helicopter. Authorities have identified one of the inmates as Panagiotis Vlastos, a convicted murderer and racketeer serving a life term, the Belfast Telegraph reported.

As the helicopter swooped down on the prison courtyard today, the convicts on board fired at the guards below. They then lowered a rope to help Vlastos escape, the Associated Press reported. But the plot was foiled after Vlastos was shot.

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Prison officials told TV stations Mega and NET that they recovered over 500 bullets from the helicopter. The inmates also carried improvised bombs but didn't use them, the Ministry of Justice says.

Vlastos, 43, has now tried and failed four times to escape prison, the AP says. Tolong Share ya ^^
Judul: Helicopter prison escape foiled
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Helicopter prison escape foiled