PGA putter ban

PGA putter ban Anchored putters face a ban the PGA Tour is opposed to, A PGA Tour putter ban may not be coming after all. As it stands, the PGA Tour is actually opposed to a ban on anchored putters that some rule makers want to see put in place.

According to a report from Sunday (Feb. 24), the rule-making Royal and Ancient Club and United States Golf Association are considering putting a ban into place beginning in 2016.......examiner.

Tour commissioner Tim Finchem weighed in with his thoughts on the proposed ban, stating that an advisory council for the PGA has already voted. He stated that 13 of the 15 players on the board were against putting the ban in place, possibly putting the Tour at odds with the golf rules committee at some point in the near future.

It has been argued a lot that golfers using an anchored putter are getting an advantage that most putters don't provide to golfers. One important fact that Finchem brought up in his statements was that, "An awful lot of amateurs today use anchoring and a number of players on the PGA Tour who have grown up with a focus on perfecting the anchoring method." It's definitely an important point in this argument.

A PGA Tour putter ban doesn't seem likely at this point, especially with most of the advisory board feeling that it is a bad idea. Things could change in the next few years, but for now it looks like anchored putters are going to be around for a while. Tolong Share ya ^^
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PGA putter ban