Facebook New Look, For News Feed

Facebook New Look For News Feed, Facebook just sent out an invitation to the press for an event on Mar. 7 to show off a “new look” for its signature News Feed. That’s the central column where updates, photos, and videos from friends–and increasingly, ads–appear.

According To Forbes...Facebook didn’t show the details, but it’s no surprise that it keeps tweaking the News Feed. Some folks have complained that with more than a few friends or brand “likes,” the feed can get very noisy. At the same time, other people complain that Facebook’s algorithms for showing selected posts too often leave out their friends’ updates.

At the same time, Facebook has been amping up its advertising efforts, with new ad formats and, about a year ago, the insertion of its Sponsored Stories ads directly into the newsfeed. Facebook also has been scrambling to go mobile in its app and mobile site and in its advertising as people increasingly access the service from smartphones and tablets. Indeed, TechCrunch reported last month that the company was experimenting with a radical redesign of the mobile News Feed.

Also in January, the company started showing larger images and link previews in the News Feed. The last big change to News Feed was in September 2011. Recently Facebook has been experimenting with a revamped, single-column layout for Timeline, the collection of posts and photos for each Facebook member. It’s not clear whether those experiments will be part of what Facebook announces next Thursday.

Whatever the changes will be, they’re clearly significant enough that Facebook feels the need for a full-blown press event, which it tends to hold only a few times a year. The last one was in January, when the social network introduced its Graph Search internal search engine.

Most likely, this event won’t be quite so momentous. But when you’re messing with the main reason people come to Facebook–and more and more, the reason marketers are advertising on the site–there’s little doubt they’ll both have a lot to say about the changes.

Facebook’s shares were up about 2% in midday trading Friday, to $27.83
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Facebook New Look, For News Feed