Snooki selling car

Snooki selling car, Want to cruise in style like Snooki? Now you can! The Jersey Shore star is selling her 2011 Cadillac Escalade on eBay, and the pint-size celeb posted pics on the online auction site with her sweet black and pink ride.

Clearly, Snooki transformed her truck to match her own taste, adding "custom wheels" and "ambient lighting" to create the ultimate guidette vehicle......eonline.

But now, the feisty reality star has a mini meatball of her own, so it seems mama Snooks may be trading in for a more family friendly automobile.

The description reveals the ride "is the actual car that she has driven in many of her television appearances" and it has been "customized with many add-ons to her taste and specifications."

Most importantly, the ad boasts the car is "an opportunity to own a piece of pop culture history" and Snooki even autographed the hood for the lucky future owner. Tolong Share ya ^^
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Snooki selling car