Aussie DJ Ajax dies on birthday

Sydney-based Ajax, born Adrian Thomas, died instantly after being hit by a truck in Parkville, in Melbourne's inner north just before 1am.
"It's believed the man ran in front of the north bound truck on College Crescent shortly before 1am. He died at the scene," a police spokesperson said.
A road ambulance was not called as he died on impact, an Ambulance Victoria spokesperson said.
Ajax who died suddenly on his birthday yesterday, has been remembered as a pioneer who changed the nation's dance music scene, Billboard notes that Ajax founded label Sweat It Out, which produced the 2010 Yolanda B Cool vs DCup’s “We No Speak Americano.”
Ajax was killed just after celebrating his 41st birthday in Melbourne, but police have ruled out foul play as a cause.
Sweat It Out issued a statement in the wake of his death, calling Ajax “instrumental in shaping the landscape of Australian dance music."
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Judul: Aussie DJ Ajax dies on birthday
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Aussie DJ Ajax dies on birthday