Dog Shoots Owner, in Florida

Dog Shoots Owner in  Florida, A dog has shot its owner in Florida in the latest gun incident to hit the news. According to reports, a Florida man was shot and wounded by his dog, although he survived without any serious injuries.

Gregory Dale Lanier, 35, of Frostproof, Fla. was reportedly in his truck with his dog on Saturday when the dog knocked a loaded gun off the seat and onto the floor......christianpost.

When the gun landed the firearm went off, with the resulting bullet striking Lanier in his leg, according to the Highlands Today newspaper.

Luckily for Lanier he was not seriously injured, although he still needed treatment on the gunshot wound.
He has told authorities that he was not aware that the .380 pistol was loaded at the time and was shocked that it had gone off.

Sebring Police have confirmed that they are treating the shooting as accidental, according to the Highlands Today. The dog will not be charged.

This is not the first time someone has been shot by their pets. Just in September a hunter in France was forced to have his right hand amputated when his dog set off his gun as the two of them "cuddled," according to the BBC.

Also in December 2011, a 78 year old man was shot as he was driving to a deer hunting spot. Billy E Brown was shot in the thigh, also by his dog, as he was driving to Pasco County, according to The Huffington Post.

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Judul: Dog Shoots Owner, in Florida
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Dog Shoots Owner, in Florida