Cop punches woman


A Philadelphia Cop punches a woman in the face has been caught on video after she appeared to throw water on him during the city’s Puerto Rican Day Parade over the weekend.

Video of the incident dated Sept. 30, 2012 was uploaded by YouTube user Gisela Valentin on Sunday. The clip shows the unnamed woman tossing water in the air in the direction of a group of police officers. A second person also throws water in their direction.....rawstory.

One officer in a white shirt runs over to the woman and punches her in the face as she’s walking away, laying her flat on her back.

“Oh, shit!” a bystander can be heard saying. The woman is immediately handcuffed as other officers create a perimeter around the scene. The woman can be seen bleeding from her mouth as an officer in a blue shirt leads her away.

“Over 1,500 participants, including performers, local celebrities, youth groups” gathered in Philadelphia on Sunday to celebrate Puerto Rican and Latino heritage, according to the Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corporation. Tolong Share ya ^^
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Cop punches woman