Roy Brown Jr. Dies at 96

Roy Brown Jr. dies
Roy Brown Jr. Dies at 96, a car designer for Ford Motor whose signature creation, the supposedly futuristic but ultimately ill-fated Edsel, became a synonym for bold, bad ideas not long after it was introduced in 1957, died on Feb. 24 in Michigan.

His death was announced in Michigan news media outlets.

Even as the Edsel, his most notable work, fell far short of sales goals, lost hundreds of millions of dollars, became an enduring punch line and prompted an overseas transfer for its designer, Mr. Brown remained satisfied with it.

“I’m proud of the car,” he told The Sun-Sentinel of Florida in 1985. “There is not a bad line on the car.”

Many initial assessments agreed.

“The Edsel will be radically different,” said an article in The New York Times previewing the new model in 1957.

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Roy Brown Jr. Dies at 96