Hope Solo 911 call, tape released

Kirkland (Wash.) police have released the 911 tapes from a November domestic-violence altercation involving soccer star Hope Solo and former NFL player Jerramy Stevens the night before their wedding.

The incident occurred at about 3 a.m. on Nov. 12, 2012 at Solo's home. According to the 911 caller, approximately eight people were at the home, and alcohol had been consumed. Police who arrived at the scene found that Solo had a bloody elbow; her brother Marcus Solo, who called 911, had injuries to his head, eye and knees; and another woman on the scene had a hip injury. Stevens was upstairs, and in the police report he "appeared to be hiding." Stevens countered that he was sleeping.

Police arrested Stevens for domestic violence assault, but he was released for lack of evidence. Stevens and Hope Solo were married later that day.
When the 911 dispatcher asked who instigated the fight, Marcus Solo replied, "We won't go there. Please get here." A voice apparently belonging to Hope Solo can be heard saying that "my husband is going to go to jail" because of his existing probation.
Here, via the Seattle Press-Intelligencer, is a partial transcript of the call:
Dispatcher: "What's going on today?"
Marcus: "There was a little fight inside the house and she got thrown to the ground and she might have dislocated her hip."
Dispatcher: "Any weapons involved in the fight?"
Marcus: "A stun gun, actually."
Dispatcher: "How many people are there?
Marcus: "There's a half-dozen, not more.... eight maybe?"
Dispatcher: "Was the fight physical fight besides the stun gun?"
Marcus: "There was definitely a physical altercation and an innocent bystander got hurt."
Dispatcher: "Who was the person who was the instigator?"
Marcus: "We won't go there, please get here."
Dispatcher: "All the parties that were fighting, are they separated?"
Marcus: "Yes, ma'am."
Dispatcher: "Are all of them still there?"
Marcus: "I don't know."
Dispatcher: Anybody using drugs or alcohol today?
Marcus: "Alcohol, definitely."
[Dispatcher asks where the victim is located. Marcus answers in living room-dining room area.]
Dispatcher: "What did this start over?"
Marcus: "I don't know."
The Kirkland police have completed their investigation. No charges have yet been filed.

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Judul: Hope Solo 911 call, tape released
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Hope Solo 911 call, tape released