Danica Patrick hit by rock

Danica Patrick hit by rock, NASCAR star hit hard by rock on dirt track, Is making a buzz on the internet this afternoon, as Yahoo! Sports News reported this Friday, March 8, that NASCAR racer Danica Patrick has announced she is “fine” after getting hit quite hard in the head by a flying rock during a race on the dirt track.

With the headline, “Danica Patrick hit by rock in head on dirt track”, sources report that Patrick was struck by a stray rock early Thursday night on the track, leaving the racer feeling that she may have had a concussion. Reported examiner...

However, after being examined at the local care center, she was fortunately declared healthy. Patrick added that the stray rock hit her “straight in the head …” and was grateful that she wore a hat as otherwise “there would have been blood” from the blow.

The NASCAR star was involved in a more serious crash last weekend in Phoenix during a race; she was slammed into a wall and lost a tire on her car. Danica Patrick is the first woman to have won a pole as well as lead the green-flag laps last month at the Daytona 500. Tolong Share ya ^^
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Danica Patrick hit by rock