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Netflix tattoo allows an aspiring fashion design student from Indiana to receive free subscription for a year.

Myron Robinson of Kokomo, Indiana showed his love for the Los Gatos company by getting a tattoo on the side of his stomach two weeks ago. He didn't intentionally get the tattoo for the free year that was just a bonus.....webpronews.

Myron after getting the tattoo reached out to Netflix by tweeting them a photo of the tattoo, which the company's twitter account responded by giving him a free year of the service.

Myron earlier Friday posted a photo of the tattoo on Twitter, "@netflix put me on a commercial I love you guys."

As Netflix responded with a tweet stating, "NO WAY! Free year for you." The company's CEO Reed Hastings even shared the story about Netflix's first tattoo on his Facebook page.

However still it makes you wonder if the $96, which is the cost of Netflix's one-year subscription is worth to for ink that can last a lifetime. However Myron seems happy enough as he responds to Netflix's free offer on Twitter, "Netflix just made my year and gave me a free year I love it."
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Netflix tattoo