Huge Florida mosquitoes, headed to Florida 'in large numbers'

Huge Florida mosquitoes
Huge Florida mosquitoes which are the size of quarters are expected to take over areas of Florida 'in large numbers' this summer, scientists have warned.

The special breed of the nuisance bug, which can be 20 times bigger than common menacing Asian tiger mosquitoes, are described as 'notoriously aggressive'.

They were handed the perfect breeding ground by last year's tropical storms, according to scientists at the University of Florida, so are coming to a town near you.

'Because of the events last year, and the eggs laid, we can expect large numbers of these Huge Florida mosquitoes again,' Entomologist Phil Kaufman, an associate professor with the University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, told the Gainsville Sun.

 'It is quite capable of biting through my shirt.

'We suggest people wear long-sleeve pants and shirts. Just doing that may not be enough for this type of mosquito; you're going to have use one of the insect repellants to dissuade them from landing.'
'The bite really hurts, I can attest to that,' he told science site
Psorophora ciliata, or Gallinipper mosquitoes as they are commonly known, have half inch long bodies and the same black-white color pattern of the more common Asian Tiger Mosquito with a wingspan of 6-7 millimeters.

Via: DailyMail

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Judul: Huge Florida mosquitoes, headed to Florida 'in large numbers'
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Huge Florida mosquitoes, headed to Florida 'in large numbers'