Bart Simpson court, on charges of possessing a firearm

Bart Simpson court, When a British man named Bart Simpson appeared in court before a judge named Mr. Burns, some might have expected the charge to be serial prank calling.
In fact, the man with the same name as the troublemaker kid in the animated show The Simpsons appeared on charges of possessing a firearm, according to Metro UK.

Metro reported that Simpson appeared at the Warwick court in England this week after authorities charged him with carrying a firearm at an airport last May.
The newspaper points out that Bart did not tell the judge to eat his shorts. Nor did the judge, though he also shares his last name with a Simpsons character, cackle like his "evil overlord" animated counterpart.
In the show, Charles Montgomery Burns is the filthy rich boss of Springfield's Nuclear Power Plant who exploits his employees and hatches plots to earn more money.
In real life, Mr. Recorder Burns heard Simpson's plea that he didn't do it.
Last week, a Bart Simpson-style prank led a television weatherman to wish a happy 10th birthday to Hugh Janus. Maybe he would have caught on before reading the name on live television if his script pronunciation guide had read "huge anus."

When Bart tries a more explicit version of that prank on the show, it doesn't turn out so well for him.
Here's hoping that if Simpson is convicted, he's sentenced to write lines on a classroom blackboard.


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Judul: Bart Simpson court, on charges of possessing a firearm
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Bart Simpson court, on charges of possessing a firearm