Eastwood daughter's wedding

Eastwood daughter's wedding makes Clint father of the bride named Alison, Clint Eastwood stood by his daughter Alison as she married Stacey Poltras according to widespread reports on March 17. The father of the bride was in attendance for the big day which took place in Calabasas, California.

Clint gave his girl away to the "Chainsaw Gang" star while wearing a Les Habitude gown. The beaded dress was Art Deco inspired and really shined as Alison Eastwood took center stage at her early spring wedding to the man she has been dating for five years and who she has been co-starring with on his CMT reality show. Reported Examiner.......

As is tradition, Poltras asked for 40-year-old Alison's hand in marriage from her dynamic dad, Clint. He did so a full three years ago while Stacey enjoyed Thanksgiving with the Eastwood clan at Pepple Beach. Apparently, the man who played "Dirty Harry" didn't say no and now his daughter and her guy are man and wife.

By way of background, Alison and Stacey met at a bar in Agoura Hills, California, not far from where their wedding took at Saddlepeak Ranch. This scenic and very rustic spot is a favorite for weddings, especially those held outdoors against a stunning backdrop that includes the hills known to locals as Malibu Canyon.

And so, as the eldest Eastwood daughter married in a lovely wedding in Southern California, Clint was father of the bride for his kid called Alison. This child has made strides to take after her famous dad, taking the helm as a director, too, on the 2007 flick called "Rails and Ties." She's also a huge animal rights advocate, and, to boot, a real beauty, both inside and out. Tolong Share ya ^^
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Eastwood daughter's wedding